July 1, 2024

What Are Lofstrand Crutches?

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Let’s dive into the world of Lofstrand crutches, also known as forearm crutches. These specialized crutches differ from traditional axillary (underarm) crutches, offering unique benefits for those with long-term injuries. Millennial Medical has specifically designed our forearm crutches to be ergonomic and comfortable. In fact, our long term customers continually tell us they are the most comfortable forearm crutches on the market today!

Here’s what you need to know:

What Are Lofstrand Crutches?

Lofstrand crutches, also called forearm or elbow crutches, feature a cuff that wraps around your forearm. Unlike axillary crutches, which rely on underarm support, Lofstrand crutches distribute weight more evenly throughout the arms, reducing strain on the wrists.

Fitting and Adjustment of In Motion Forearm crutches:
Height Adjustment: Set the crutch height by pressing both sizing buttons on the lower tube and selecting the appropriate height. Adjust the cuff clip so that, ideally, the cuff rests about three fingers’ width from your elbow. Ensure the sizing tabs lock in place.

Handgrip: Ensure the bolt on the back of the handgrip is tight.

Safe Use and Stairs:
Before using Lofstrand crutches, ensure:
Correct fitting
Engaged buttons
Intact tips
Sturdy handgrips

Ascending Stairs:
Start with the non-injured leg on the stair.
Press through the non-injured leg and move the injured leg simultaneously with the crutches to the same stair. (Think “Good Goes Up First.”)
Repeat until you’ve climbed the stairs.

Descending Stairs:
Move the crutches to the lower stair.
Let the non-injured leg do the work and control your weight.
Once the crutches are on the stair, move the non-injured leg down. (Think “Bad Goes Down First.”)
Repeat until you’ve descended the stairs.
Remember, safety first!

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