July 10, 2024

Walkers vs Rollators

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If you live in the St George, UT area and need a rollator, walker, wheelchair, knee scooter,  forearm crutches, or underarm crutches Millennial Medical Equipment is glad to help! This post explores the key differences between a walker and a rollator:

Design and Mobility:

Walker: A walker is a simple frame with legs. It provides stability and support for walking but doesn’t always have wheels. Users lift a walker to move it forward.  There is also a front wheeled walker design that has front wheels to make it easier to maneuver.

Rollator: A rollator, also known as a “wheeled walker,” has three or four large wheels. It moves smoothly on wheels, making it faster than a traditional walker.

Weight-Bearing vs. Balance:

Walker: Designed for weight-bearing support, walkers are suitable for individuals who need substantial assistance due to weakness or injury.

Rollator: Rollators are primarily for balance support rather than weight-bearing. They’re ideal for those who need occasional rest breaks during walks.


Walker: Typically lacks a seat, backrest, or handbrakes.

Rollator: Includes a built-in seat, handlebars with hand-operated brakes, and often a backrest. Some models even have baskets for carrying items.


Walker: Moves at a slower pace due to its non-wheeled design.

Rollator: Faster and more agile because of its wheels.

Often people will also purchase a pair of In Motion forearm crutches (also called lofstrand crutches) to use around the house.

Remember to consult a healthcare professional to determine which device best suits your needs. Both walkers and rollators play a crucial role in maintaining independence and mobility!  

Here at Millennial Medical Equipment in St George, UT we will work with you to special order a rollator or walker that meets your specific needs.  We also have knee scooters and wheelchairs for sale or rent.  Rollators range from plain and functional to sophisticated with bells and whistles Contact us at 435-752-0743 to discuss your situation and we will provide you the options available.  We will order the rollator and deliver it to your house when it arrives!  We have very competitive pricing!

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July 10, 2024


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