Dylan The Longboarder

Dylan The Longboarder

OZ met Dylan the other day at a local Chic-fil-A. Dylan was on our crutches, and OZ noticed he had added some sweet accessories, including a bag and a drink holder!

Dylan has been longboarding for 6 years, and on a trip to Jackson Hole he was in a longboarding accident. As he came around a corner, he was hit by a suburban. He's very lucky to still be alive and walking, and he's optomistic about it. He came out with a broken Tibial Plateau.

After more than 3 months crutches, he's still got a few weeks to go, but he's not letting that keep him off the streets. He's still up there, taking pictures of friends and other longboarders.


He loves the tips

Dylan spent some time on typical A-frame crutches, and he likes ours a lot better. He said, "These crutches are wayy better than the classic ones, i like the tips the best!"



Pictured here is the bag he attached to his crutches.

He's a perfect representation of a person who wants to stay active even when they are disabled. We should follow his example and get out there!

You can find out more about Dylan on his Instagram page.  there are a lot of videos and pictures of him on his board. Check it out!