Mobility Movement

Mobility Movement

Millennial Medical has created a global initiative with a single goal—to give the gift of mobility to those without the resources to perform one of our most basic needs, mobility.

According to reports, there are 20 million people, in Africa alone, in need of mobility assistance, and 40 million in Southeast Asia that have lost limbs due to land mines.

“When you travel the world, you learn not to take for granted basic necessities” said David Osmond, COO of Millennial Medical. “This is why I’m so passionate about the Mobility Movement; it’s what we can do for those who can’t, for themselves.”

The follows a one-for-one model—for every pair of In-Motion crutches a person purchases, Millennial Medical will donate a pair of Life Crutches in their behalf.

 “When you can’t move, you’re limited to what you can do,” said Osmond. “No mobility means no water, no work, and no food. Even basic tasks, like going to the bathroom means someone has to carry you outside and back in again.”


“To see where you want to go and not be able to get there, that is the everyday challenge for people with mobility issues,” said David Talbot, Founder of Crutches4Africa. “We toil to enable those who are hobbled in life by illness, accident, or act of violence.”

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