Looking Forward to 2017

Looking Forward to 2017

2016 has been a great year for Millennial Medical. We've moved to a better warehouse, overhauled our ENTIRE website, and served more customers than ever before. We're looking forward to having an even better year in 2017! With renewed and updated inventory, we will be prepared to fill every customer's need. We look forward to releasing updated and new products, as well as adding ways to make users' experiences with our company easier and simpler.

     Though we've seen success this year, we did hear some troublesome news about David Talbot, from Crutches 4 Africa. He's been running the orginization for years now, and has always done a great job. David suffered multiple heart attacks this year, and though he spent 5 weeks in the hospital, he's home recovering now. Hopefully he'll be on his feet soon to continue helping the people in Africa!

I've included their recent newsletter so everyone can stay informed:


Most importantly, we want to share an update on David Talbot's health. He is recuperating at home now, after spending 5 weeks in the hospital since suffering multiple heart attacks. We appreciate your messages and prayers...keep them coming!

2016 was a busy year collecting, shipping, and distributing mobility devices to recipients in Africa. We are grateful for our volunteers who collected mobility devices and packed shipping containers in the US. We saw firsthand how grateful the recipients were as we distributed the mobility devices in Zambia, Kenya, and Uganda. Here are some photos from our distributions in Zambia this year:


We welcome any year-end donations you can contribute to shipping costs as we plan to ship more containers of mobility devices  in 2017.

Currently, one container is in transit to Uganda and another will ship next week from Atlanta to Kenya.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful 2017!


Go check out there website: crutches4africa.org.


Thank you very much for your support in 2016, and we look forward to working with you during this year!