Frequently Asked Questions

Which model should I use?

All In-Motion products are built for long-term use. We have many patients who have been walking on the In-Motion crutches for years. The Life Crutch is made for short-term use, 3-4 weeks. As for whether or not you should use the In-Motion Forearm, or the In-Motion Pro, it's personal preference. Some people feel more mobile on the forearm model, and others feel more stable on the underarm model.

Can I get lower posts that don't have springs when I order my crutches?

Yes you can. If you would like to get rigid posts instead of spring-assisted posts with your crutches, just make a comment in the checkout section, right before you submit your order.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of these crutches?

Maybe. You'll need to ask them, and have them reimburse the cost to you. You need to provide them with the correct insurance code.

In-Motion Pro crutches: E0117 (per crutch) 

In-Motion Forearm crutches: E0110 (per pair)

Life crutches: E0114 (per pair)

How do I find a store near me that sells your crutches?

You can use the Stores Near You function to easily locate one.

What if my height falls right between two sizes?

You'll simply need to request a mix and match order. Just order a short product, and add in the customer comments at the end of Checkout, that you'd like tall lower posts instead of short. We'll switch them out for you free of charge.


For any questions regarding warranties or returns, please refer to our warranty & returns page.