Millennial Medical’s start came as a result of someone finally getting tired enough from the pain of traditional crutches to do something about it.  An elderly gentleman with creativity took an old style crutch and cut off the end, and attached a spring with a tip.  He brought it to the Orthopaedic office where we applauded his creativity and asked ourselves “why not”.  From the beginning of 2002 till the beginning of 2005 we gathered as much research data and medical studies that we could find addressing all of the medical issues associated with old style crutch usage.  We gathered stacks of research and began the design process.  We looked at things like hand ergonomics, underarm stress and pressure, energy costs with crutch ambulation, and appropriate body mechanics in crutch use.  As we began to bring it all together, we realized that in order to capture the full ergonomic value of the crutches, we would need to change the shape to a single strut structure with the center of gravity forward to the post. This would allow for additional energy capture, similar to a pole vault using the forward body motion to swing forward.






OZ and family

As the design began to come together in 2005, we ended with the basic Millennial In-Motion crutch.  With engineers, we designed all of the internal mechanisms to make the product work.  We finally received our first prototype, and were ecstatic with what we had accomplished.  We then began the process of finding a great factory and then designing all of the tooling in order to make the crutches.  In 2006, our first models were released.  It was a time where we learned all that we could about how the crutches were performing and how well they were enduring.  From the information gathered, we were able to make functional changes to improve the performance of the crutches.


As we perfected the performance of the crutches, our creative engineers began to design the packaging and played with various colors.  Since that time, we have made several improvements to the crutches, including adding a new line of forearm crutches in 2007. Today we have the best crutch in the world, with all the science and technology of high performance to support it.


In 2012 we added a full line of bracing products.  The MDUB product line includes a knee brace, a patellar tendon strap, an iliotibial band, an Achilles strap, and a back brace.  With the patented cross strap technology, the bracing line has become the finest in the world.