Spare Parts

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  1. Forearm Cuffs

    Forearm Cuffs

    In-Motion Forearm Cuffs In-Motion Cuffs are injection molded to eliminate uncomfortable rivets and hinges.

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  2. Replacement Underarm Foam

    Replacement Underarm Foam

    Replacement Underarm Foam for In-Motion Crutches.

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  3. Bolt Set for Handles

    Bolt Set for Handles

    Replacement Bolt set for In-Motion and Life Crutches

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  4. Forearm Cuff Clip

    Forearm Cuff Clip

    Replacement forearm cuff clips

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  5. End Caps

    End Caps

    Replacement end caps for In-Motion and Life Crutches. Universal Fit. Sold as a pair. Learn More

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