The Reality


  • 20 million people

    are in need of

    mobility assistance

    in Africa
  • 40 million people

    have lost limbs

    due to land mines

    in Cambodia
  • 110 million

    land mines

    still exist today


The Purpose

  • To give the gift of mobility
    to those who don’t have the
    resources to perform one of
    he most basic human

No Mobility Makes Everyday Living Challenging

The Need

  • Water

    If you cannot move, you are limited to what you can carry. No mobility, No water.

  • Dependance

    Even basic tasks like going to the bathroom, someone has to carry you outside, then back in.

  • School

    No school is available to you, spend your days out in the streets trying to fend for yourself.

  • Begging

    For many, this is the only way to survive, you are often treated as unclean.

  • Access

    If you are lucky enough to have a wheel chair, there are almost no wheelchair ramps and sidewalks are often jammed with items for sale. Movement is impossible.